A Word From The Chair 2011-12

Photograph of our Chairperson Brendan Campbell

The last 12 months have been a very busy period for the Disability Forum, a real sign that we have a strong and active organisation.

Mike Ward our treasurer assisted by Elinor Evans from SCVS once again managed to get funding for the Forum. Forum meetings and BSL interpretation costs for the year were also covered.

Representatives from the Forum were involved with the new bus station and the redevelopment of the railway station.

We continue to address the problems of access to bus transport, continence provision, taxi access and we have had member representation on the Community Health Council.

Sadly a forum member Phil Pilgrim passed away suddenly this year. He was passionate about all disability matters and will be sorely missed.

The hard work of fellow committee members has always been paramount in our continuing success and is greatly appreciated.

I take this opportunity to thank you all.

Brendan Campbell (Chair)